Founders & Editor’s and Chief


SECDUM SOCIETY was created in 2010 by Raymond Woods with a passion for fashion, personal style, editorials, look-books, photography and culture. Targeting people with these special interest between 16-28 men and female in east coast , south, and some west coast USA . Now targeting a wide range of men and female from 14-60 years of age our content is currently more diverse more then ever before. Secdum Society readers and fans expect nothing but the best content and we want to achieve that goal for SECDUM MAGAZINE. Secdum Society branch off to SECDUM RUINS & SSSOLSTICE to give readers instant insight. SECDUM MAGAZINE has COMBINE all four business including DREAM WARRIORS PROJECT to create the ultimate magazine.

BY merging the creativity, business ethics and overall professionalism from the founder of SECDUM MAGAZINE; Lisa Ward – we creating a new wave of product and service. Lisa Ward ( The founder) In vision empowering creative individuals through writing, artistry, marketing, administrations and overall promotions.  Already owning DEADLINE PRODUCTION (Sister company from SECDUM MAGAZINE) and Co C.F.O of TAHJ ENTERTAINMENT  (Managing artist and talent worldwide) have experience of executing successful business. Deadline production were created, establish and founded by Lisa ward with contributions from Raymond, Tameka, Mike Brown and others to continue the success of the companies.

With SECDUM, TAHJ ENTERTAINMENT, and DEADLINE PRODUCTION agreeing on creating a SUCCESSFUL MAGAZINE we combine all of our knowledge and talent into a mult-million dollar business. Honoring Raymond “SECDUM” brand we all agreed to name our magazine just that. We are all equally establish brand executing our new company SECDUM MAGAZINE.

With Lisa and Raymond recruiting extraordinary  individuals such as MIKE BROWN, JASMINE QUAYE, TAMEKA WRIGHT, and DANIEL DELGADO we are a force to be reckon with. Collaborating with other brands, companies and forces throughout this experience will only benefit SECDUM MAGAZINE. We are a magazine of DIVERSITY, TEAMWORK, CREATIVITY, DETERMINATION, SPIRIT and Leadership. All given our time, talent and taylorism to give our readers the best Supernova content as possible.


Lisa Ward and Raymond Woods are the EDITOR AND CHEIF & CO FOUNDERS for the SECDUM MAGAZINE. Being in 2 generations with great amount of background in Fashion and Music we created a magazine with a team of Dream Warriors to achieve our fans and supporters wants and needs. Because the opposite attract greatness; Raymond and Lisa are thus that in every bomb shell felid.
The SECDUM MAGAZINE are the go to magazine in the United States. The Magazine that covers a wide range of topics. The SECDUM MAGAZINE insures you the best quality and content. Our mission is to give the remarkable cover stories, informative arts and technology limelight, fashion forefront and hungry tiger trends, and mind blowing mix-o-lot artists. Wrap your soul in verses & flow with a side of health & bomb shell beauty awareness. The SECDUM MAGAZINE strives for great satisfaction from our customers so we give you 100% of pure dedication. The SECDUM MAGAZINE is a magazine that’s attended for YOU.
The SECDUM MAGAZINE is a magazine to inform , spread awareness , build a sense of style and humanity. It feeds your intellectual side as was your fantasy, dream, passion and everyday obsessions. Knowledge today is free access to passionate people and we can not stress that enough. “So why us”? We are informing our readers through standards and guidelines , but we strive for a sense of humanity and our background & knowledge. Connecting with our readers are the first step of building long term relationships with our readers. Being true to one self is the purest way to begin to change one’s life.

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DISTRICT 10 .We imparts STYLE that is EVERLASTING and CREATIVE which sparks DETERMINATION within our UNIQUE individual MEMBERS