#DESIGN The Gummy Bear Chandelier

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New York-based product designer Kevin Champeny was recently commissioned by home furnishings company Jellio to create an actual giant gummy bear chandelier! Constructed from 5,000 hand-cast, high-gloss acrylic gummy bears, this unusual light was made in a limited edition of just ten and it takes about two months to create each one. Want one? You can cop it over at Jellio for a whopping $6500 USD!

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#DESIGN Roleland Otten X Photographic Prints

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Dutch designer Roeland Otten uses photographic prints, mosaic tiles and paint to camouflage misplaced public eyesores on city streets.

For his latest project Otten camouflaged the little concrete building of GGD Amsterdam with little mosaic tiles, creating a pixelated view of the surrounding area. 

Otten’s project began in 2009 when he covered a large electricity substation on the corner of Graaf Floristraat and Heemraadsingel in Rotterdam, with high-resolution photographs of the surrounding streets making the large structure disappear.

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