49th & Boulevard

Write for SECDUM Magazine:
Are you a fashion, music, or art/design enthusiast that has a knack for writing? Perfect! Secdum magazine is always looking for writers passionate in any creative field of the magazine already established or looking to break into the industry. Email Secdummagazine@gmail.com with your name, cover letter, writing sample, link to your blog, and resume (if applicable) to be considered for a writing position at SECDUM Magazine.

Shoot for SECDUM Magazine:
If you are a fashion photographer that would like to shoot for SECDUM Magazine or submit an editorial, please emailsecdummagazine@gmail.com with your inquiry.

Calling all LA/ATL/NYC/Chicago/Tampa videographers! If you’re interested in being apart of the new SECDUMTV, please email SecdumMagazine@gmail.com with a cover letter and link to your portfolio.

Street Style Photographers:
Are you a photographer that likes to document all types of style and people? Do you live in a city that’s booming with style? Great. SECDUM Magazine is currently looking for passionate photographers from any part of the world to document their cities street style on the site! Email Secdummagazine@gmail.com with a link to your work and cover letter apply.

**NOTE Our Terms&Conditions, Instructions, and Guidelines for this portal call will be infect this Jan 2013. To ensure our readers with the best creative content are Submission guidelines will be competitive with other magazine brands. We do not publish any content that has/currently being publish with other magazines at this time. 


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