We welcome your submissions so please e-mail us with any ideas and links to your current portfolio/website. We’re very keen to take on new and regular contributors, be it established creatives or young talent! We’re also happy to work through agencies. We’re VERY friendly so please do contact us! The submission e-mail addresses are lower down the page.

Please ensure however you follow the guidance on this page otherwise you may not hear back from us! Also being accepted for publication does not mean your inclusion in the print version (Our Digital Edition is larger and carries more stories), it could be the digital version only, SECDUM reserves the right to decide at time of publication based on available space, content range and quality. Also please don’t ask if it’s for print, we decide at final edit. Editor’s decision is final, please don’t contribute or submit if you’re not comfortable with this. Finally we always want to be part of the model casting process! :-)

NOTE: Before continuing please ensure you’ve read and agree with our terms and conditions (Continue to PROCEDURES ).


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DISTRICT 10 .We imparts STYLE that is EVERLASTING and CREATIVE which sparks DETERMINATION within our UNIQUE individual MEMBERS