Editor’s and Chief

Lisa Ward and Raymond Woods are the EDITOR AND CHEIF & CO FOUNDERS for the SECDUM MAGAZINE. Being in 2 generations with great amount of background in Fashion and Music we created a magazine with a team of Dream Warriors to achieve our fans and supporters wants and needs. Because the opposite attract greatness; Raymond and Alica are thus that in every bomb shell felid.
The SECDUM MAGAZINE are the go to magazine in the United States. The Magazine that covers a wide range of topics. The SECDUM MAGAZINE insures you the best quality and content. Our mission is to give the remarkable cover stories, informative arts and technology limelight, fashion forefront and hungry tiger trends, and mind blowing mix-o-lot artists. Wrap your soul in verses & flow with a side of health & bomb shell beauty awareness. The SECDUM MAGAZINE strives for great satisfaction from our customers so we give you 100% of pure dedication. The SECDUM MAGAZINE is a magazine that’s attended for YOU.
The SECDUM MAGAZINE is a magazine to inform , spread awareness , build a sense of style and humanity. It feeds your intellectual side as was your fantasy, dream, passion and everyday obsessions. Knowledge today is free access to passionate people and we can not stress that enough. “So why us”? We are informing our readers through standards and guidelines , but we strive for a sense of humanity and our background & knowledge. Connecting with our readers are the first step of building long term relationships with our readers. Being true to one self is the purest way to begin to change one’s life.