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#MUSIC KeKe Palmer Mixtape

Keke Palmer cover art is stunning! and her Music is the tip of the Ice berg









#MUSIC Hortlax Cobra of Peter Bjorn & John

Stumble on this interview from bullet and I thought it was an interesting article! Listen to the music on Soundcloud and I fell in love with it. It sounds like Little Dragon, Crystal Castles , Fol Chen and even Paramore. Also the logo cover art? with the cobra on his head was soo funky fresh ! I need an head piece in my back pocket for the parties.

“A good friend suggested that I could do like painters do, my own interpretation of an old classic movie. I went through my bookshelf and found my old Van Halen album with my handwriting on the back cover reading: ‘Bought by John 1984.’”

“So I started to build my own first solo album around the tempos, keys and lengths of all the tracks on the original Van Halen record,” he explains. “I didn’t sample anything apart from the noise of the needle running in the grooves before the music starts playing (on side A and B). As I was a hard rocker in 1984 I now wanted to use only synths and keyboards, so almost every sound on the album is electronic instruments apart from the opening track “1984” which is only a processed acoustic guitar.”

“When I had made this concept album I felt ready to do something totally from scratch, so a couple of weeks after my 1984 was done I started to work on my ‘real’ first solo albumNight Shift. So, these 2 albums are connected in many ways but none of them would exist if I hadn’t heard ‘Jump’ back in 1984.”

Hortlax Cobra interview from “Bullet Magazine” 


Big Sean from GOOD MUSIC Drop out a new single ! I’m loving the tropical island vibe. We are a big fan of Kanye west artistic genius and when he links up with other amazing artist , they can only shoot for the stars. What really caught my eye is his flashy cover art! Honestly In my next life I would make a living doing cover Arts! But I can actually do that now?


Last month the full version of the Kanye West track ‘White Dress’ from ‘The Man With The Iron Fist’ movie soundtrack was released. Today an alternate version of the song, one of Kanye’s best works in a while, has been released by RZA.

Featuring Tru James of Wu-Tang’s affiliated soul group Stone Mecca, it’s a more stripped down production driven by an upbeat piano composition that gives the laid-back beat more soul than the original.