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#Design Pharrell X G-Star Raw turn ocean plastic into jeans

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Brace yourself. You’re about to read the coolest thing youll see online this week!

Pharrell Williams, Creative Director of Bionic Yarn, recently announced ‘RAW for the Oceans’, a long-term innovative collaboration between denim brand G-Star RAW where together they will create a full collection made with recycled materials from the oceans in stores from August 2014.

#Art Michelangelos masterpiece recreated with cake sprinkles

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Food artist Michelle Wibowo has taken on Michelangelo’s iconic Renaissance masterpiece, ‘The Creation of Adam’, and recreated it entirely out of edible decorations.



Commissioned by baking company Cake Angels, the artwork measuring 5.7 by 2.8 meters was made to commemorate the 450th death anniversary of Michelangelo.

#ART: Hanksy Creates Secret Art Show in Abandoned NYC Building

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Awesome art alert! Burgeoning street artist Hanksy took over a 3-story building in Manhattan’s East Village for an guerilla-style art show entitled “Surplus Candy,” which featured the work of 43 street artists.

The building was filled with installations ranging from stencil works to murals that covered nearly every surface of every level from the hallways to the bathroom fixtures.

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