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#PHOTOGRAPHY: Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere

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French photographer Laurent Chehere is known for his commercial work for clients such as Audi and Nike, but after a change of interest he left advertising and traveled the world with stops throughout China, Argentina, Columbia, and Boliva.

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From his numerous photographs along the way was born his flying houses series, a collection of fantastical buildings, homes, tents and trailers removed from their backgrounds and suspended in the sky as if permanently airborne. laurent-4



#SPOTLIGHT: Dennis Auburn Photography

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Dennis Auburn is a 21 year old contemporary art and fashion photographer based in Houston, Texas inspired by femininity, youth, brief beauty, and unconstrained adolescence.

“I am for new world experiences, rebellious pioneers, fashion, philosophy, naturalistic change, dark, light, and the pursuit of happiness.”

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When comes to mind when you see an art piece such as this? A great representation of an artist struggling to find his own way by forming and shaping himself to a better human being. Artist and photographer, Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi uses modern day green screen-ike technology to create this visually striking series of photos.

Gasteazi asked his friend Julián to cover himself with a mixture of blue paint and mud. He then photographed Julián at various stages. Later, in Photoshop, Gasteazi cut around his subject’s body to make him appear like a floating sculpture. I have idealize this man for some time and I’am glade to present my readers to an very extraordinary man