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#PHOTOGRAPHY: Traffic Lights by Lucas Zimmermann

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This photography series by Lucas Zimmermann is simple in concept, but absolutely beautiful in execution.



Traffic Lights was captured late at night on a foggy, vacant intersection near Weimar, Germany when Zimmermann began taking 5-20 second long exposures.



He made a few minor adjustments to temperature in post-production creating the bluish tones of the green light in some of the pictures


Lucas Zimmermann’s Website 


#SPOTLIGHT: Dennis Auburn Photography

auburn03 auburn04 auburn09


Dennis Auburn is a 21 year old contemporary art and fashion photographer based in Houston, Texas inspired by femininity, youth, brief beauty, and unconstrained adolescence.

“I am for new world experiences, rebellious pioneers, fashion, philosophy, naturalistic change, dark, light, and the pursuit of happiness.”

auburn13 auburn15

#PHOTOGRAPHY: Sweet & Surreal Photographs by Brittney Meyer

sugar stills tumblr_m3ixy72acU1qcx61bo1_500


Surrealism, we love you so! Today we’re delighted to bring you the work of photographer Brittney Meyer. 

Using sweets and mirrors, she captures food in odd moments of movement: frozen, collaged, and seemingly misplaced. The fruit and sweets seem to be animated, personified, and almost giddy!


;P go nuts for donuts tumblr_m5cub4985e1qaunv7o1_500 tumblr_m3z82aiYax1r4jpj0o1_500


When comes to mind when you see an art piece such as this? A great representation of an artist struggling to find his own way by forming and shaping himself to a better human being. Artist and photographer, Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi uses modern day green screen-ike technology to create this visually striking series of photos.

Gasteazi asked his friend Julián to cover himself with a mixture of blue paint and mud. He then photographed Julián at various stages. Later, in Photoshop, Gasteazi cut around his subject’s body to make him appear like a floating sculpture. I have idealize this man for some time and I’am glade to present my readers to an very extraordinary man