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#ART: Hip Hop x High Art = Fly Art

flyartmixed2 flyartmixed7 flyartmixed9 flyartmixed10 flyartmixed15 flyartmixed17 tumblr_n7y964lJvj1qa4iv8o1_500 tumblr_n7y964lJvj1qa4iv8o2_500 tumblr_n7y964lJvj1qa4iv8o3_500

Fly Art, a Tumblr account created by students Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano has been perfectly mixing popular rap lyrics and Renaissance paintings since December 2013 and we only can hope that they never stop.

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SPOTLIGHT: Artist Jacob Aaron Schroeder

tumblr_n0w9e0cYDZ1qa4iv8o1_500 tumblr_n0w9e0cYDZ1qa4iv8o2_500


Sweet! Jacob Aaron Schroeder is a visual artist living and working in Minneapolis, MN. Currently finishing up his BFA in Drawing/Painting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, his delightful sugary work is quickly gaining attention in the Tumblr-sphere.

tumblr_n0upayboyC1rhg7olo2_500 tumblr_n0t0g8vvcr1rhg7olo1_500

tumblr_mzk3vsEyfP1rhg7olo1_500 tumblr_mzk3vsEyfP1rhg7olo2_500



#PHOTOGRAPHY: Both Sides Of by Alex John Beck

alexjohnbeckbothsidesof5 alexjohnbeckbothsidesof7 alexjohnbeckbothsidesof8 alexjohnbeckbothsidesof9 alexjohnbeckbothsidesof10


Symmetrical faces are said to be a benchmark for true beauty (this especially rings true in the fashion industry), but this startling project shows they actually might not be what everyone wants. British-born, New York-based photographer Alex John Beck’s series ‘Both Sides Of’ offers two sets of symmetrical faces.

tumblr_n0n7a6F4ks1qa4iv8o2_500 tumblr_n0n7a6F4ks1qa4iv8o3_500


One image takes the left half of the subject’s face and mirrors it into the beauty shot of a seemingly whole face, while the adjacent portrait offers a similarly symmetrical rendition of the right side of the face.

tumblr_n0n7a6F4ks1qa4iv8o4_500 tumblr_n0n7a6F4ks1qa4iv8o5_500


It reveals how unsymmetrical faces really are and how different one would look, were they to be completely equal on both sides.


#FASHION: Joyrich Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

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Inspired by French street fashion and culture the SS14 Joyrich collection is a mixture of high-end, rich, and classic Parisian styles. The collection features original, bold, pop-inspired prints infused with classic American 80’s & 90’s silhouettes, which Joyrich fans have grown to appreciate season after season.

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#FASHION: Lazy Oaf’s ‘Feeling Festive’ Lookbook

tumblr_myizr0LpkC1qa4iv8o1_500 tumblr_myizr0LpkC1qa4iv8o2_500 tumblr_myizr0LpkC1qa4iv8o3_500 tumblr_myizr0LpkC1qa4iv8o4_r1_500


Post Christmas and we’re definitely in the mood to keep the festive Holiday spirits going!

UK based creative fashion label Lazy Oaf taps London based photographer Mehdi Lacoste to snap up couple of photos for their “Feeling Festive” lookbook featuring model Sophie Young