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#ART Real life Instagram

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A Brazilian artist has been turning London landmarks, including St Paul’s and Borough Market, into real-life Instagram photographs. A concept so clever yet simple… “why didn’t I think of that?”


Bruno Ribeiro has been putting cardboard-framed filters in front of tourist spots so people can take Instagram-style snaps with their regular cameras.

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Bruno started the project to highlight how interconnected our real-life and online lives are. –



#PHOTOGRAPHY: Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere

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French photographer Laurent Chehere is known for his commercial work for clients such as Audi and Nike, but after a change of interest he left advertising and traveled the world with stops throughout China, Argentina, Columbia, and Boliva.

laurent-2 laurent-3

From his numerous photographs along the way was born his flying houses series, a collection of fantastical buildings, homes, tents and trailers removed from their backgrounds and suspended in the sky as if permanently airborne. laurent-4



#ART: Foam by Kohei Nawa

koheinawafoam5koheinawafoam2 koheinawafoam4


Foam is a spectacular installation by Japanese artist Kohei Nawa that transforms a room into a magical scene, making it seem as though visitors are walking up on the clouds.



Unveiled at the Aichi Triennale 2013, the artist’s piece offers a dreamy landscape in an otherwise pitch-black room. The Osaka-born, Kyoto-based artist creatively transports viewers to an alternate universe without ever having to physically move them. Instead, he forces visitors to tap into their own imagination.


#PHOTOGRAPHY: Russian Photographer’s Girlfriend Continues to Lead Him Around the World

muradosmannfollowme1 muradosmannfollowme3 muradosmannfollowme6


Calling this ongoing photo-series simply ‘awesome’ would be the understatement of a lifetime! This, hands down, has to be one of the most dedicated and beautiful series from a photographer we’ve seen in ages.

Murad Ossman’s Follow Me series where girlfriend Nataly Zakharova guides him through various locales across the globe began to gain quite a bit of attention online this past year, and it doesn’t look like it will be stopping any time soon!

Osmann even partnered up with Google for a short video, which can be viewed at the bottom of this post, about how the project started and what it means to him. (Words by Urban.com)

muradosmannfollowme7 muradosmannfollowme8 muradosmannfollowme12 muradosmannfollowme15


#SPOTLIGHT: Chasing the Light by Zaria Forman

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Chasing the Light is an art expedition led by artist Zaria Forman that draws inspiration from breathtaking geography to create equally striking art.

zariaformanchangingthelight1 zariaformanchangingthelight3


The project began in August 2012 when Forman sought to fulfill her late mother Rena’s wish to take an Arctic voyage similar to the one American painter William Bradford took in 1869. In fact, it was Forman’s mother, a painter herself, who originally conceived of the artistic journey.zariaformanchangingthelight5 zariaformanchangingthelight7

The artist says, “My hope is that these drawings bring awareness, and invite viewers to share the urgency in a hopeful and meaningful way. Art can facilitate a deeper understanding of any crisis, helping us find meaning and optimism in shifting landscapes.”



As a continuation of her work addressing climate change, Forman is currently in the Maldives for the month. She explains, “As the lowest-lying country in the world, the Maldives will likely be the first nation submerged by rising seas.”