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#Design Pharrell X G-Star Raw turn ocean plastic into jeans

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Brace yourself. You’re about to read the coolest thing youll see online this week!

Pharrell Williams, Creative Director of Bionic Yarn, recently announced ‘RAW for the Oceans’, a long-term innovative collaboration between denim brand G-Star RAW where together they will create a full collection made with recycled materials from the oceans in stores from August 2014.


#Fashion The Ex Boyfriend revenge kit

Ex-boyfriend-Revenge-Kit-by-Her-Royal-Flyness_dezeen_5 tumblr_n0gblfNhBo1qa4iv8o1_500


Psychopathic ladies, go ahead and ditch your boring, unfashionable tools of torture in a dumpster in a remote location immediately. Designer handbag label Her Royal Flyness has your needs covered.

The Australian brand has released a limited-edition product it calls an Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit—“the perfect item to partake in a glamorous revenge mission.” (Words by We The Urban )


Included Items:

• 1 Teal woven leather tote (43cm long x 26cm high x 16cm deep)

• 1 matching teal balaclava, for hiding your face and looking fabulous

• 1 teal mini crowbar, for gaining entrance with style

• 1 pair of soft teal leather gloves; to keep hands and surfaces clean

• 1 injection kit with a single dose of Amytal Sodium (truth serum)

• 1 roll teal bondage tape and matching teal rope

• 1 pair of limited edition high impact resin knuckledusters. Good for 1-2 punches only.




#Design The Self-Repairing 3D Printed Running Shoe of the Future

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At the Wearable Futures conference, London designer and researcher Shamees Aden debuted a running shoe concept that will put your worn out kicks to shame.

The shoes, which he’s developing with University of Southern Denmark professor Martin Hanczyc, are 3D printed from a synthetic biological material that can repair itself overnight.

The trainer would be printed to the exact size of the user’s foot, meaning it would essentially work like a second skin, reacting to the pressures of running and padding areas when needed. (Source We the



#Design The Transparent House

transparent-na-house-sou-fujimoto-architects-1 transparent-na-house-sou-fujimoto-architects-5 transparent-na-house-sou-fujimoto-architects-8


Well… this could get awkward. Try living in this transparent house located in Tokyo, Japan! Known as “House NA”, it offers plenty of daylight, however no privacy. The 914 square-foot transparent house was built by Sou Fujimoto Architects and is associated with the concept of living within a tree.

transparent-na-house-sou-fujimoto-architects-15 tumblr_mxm5k4WPXv1qa4iv8o1_500 tumblr_mxm5k4WPXv1qa4iv8o2_500

“The intriguing point of a tree is that these places are not hermetically isolated but are connected to one another in its unique relativity. To hear one’s voice from across and above, hopping over to another branch, a discussion taking place across branches by members from separate branches. These are some of the moments of richness encountered through such spatially dense living,” says Sou Fujimoto.

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#DESIGN Incredible Set Design I A Small Space


Artist JeeYoung Lee will be presenting an amazing body of work titled “Stage Of Mind” which features intricate and visually stunning sets all created in the same 3.6m x 4.1m x 2.4m studio space.  Completely Photoshop free these sets took weeks and months to create. You won’t believe the scale of complexity JeeYoung Lee was able to achieve from her confined studio space in Seoul Korea. (Articles and Words from

jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_314-710x568 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_321-710x568 JYL002-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-resurrection_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2011-710x568

JeeYoung Lee drew her inspiration from personal life experiences as well as traditional Korean folklore. The artist embarks on a tedious and long journey to transform her small studio space into what seems like a vast environment that engulfs your senses and draws you in. There is a fantastic level of detail in each of her drastically different creations and a deeper sense of psychological reflection. Once each set is complete the artist creates self portraits within each world as part of a project entitled “Stage Of Mind” that will be featured on display in Opio, France at the OPIOM Gallery from Feb. 7th to Mar. 7th 2014.

JYL003-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-panic-room_180x144cm_Inkjet-print_2010-710x568 JYL004-JeeYoungLee-OPIOM-Nightscape_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2012-710x568

As photographers many of us struggle with set design and we often look at the images of professionals in our industry as out of reach. We often think that these sets require massive teams, huge budgets and studios the size of football fields. JeeYoung Lee shows us that a little bit of creativity and ingenuity can have some stunning results and I think we can all draw a little bit of inspiration from her work.