#Fashion The Ex Boyfriend revenge kit

Ex-boyfriend-Revenge-Kit-by-Her-Royal-Flyness_dezeen_5 tumblr_n0gblfNhBo1qa4iv8o1_500


Psychopathic ladies, go ahead and ditch your boring, unfashionable tools of torture in a dumpster in a remote location immediately. Designer handbag label Her Royal Flyness has your needs covered.

The Australian brand has released a limited-edition product it calls an Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit—“the perfect item to partake in a glamorous revenge mission.” (Words by We The Urban )


Included Items:

• 1 Teal woven leather tote (43cm long x 26cm high x 16cm deep)

• 1 matching teal balaclava, for hiding your face and looking fabulous

• 1 teal mini crowbar, for gaining entrance with style

• 1 pair of soft teal leather gloves; to keep hands and surfaces clean

• 1 injection kit with a single dose of Amytal Sodium (truth serum)

• 1 roll teal bondage tape and matching teal rope

• 1 pair of limited edition high impact resin knuckledusters. Good for 1-2 punches only.





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