#FASHION: Joyrich Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

1185483_642417752463938_747032184_n 1486760_642417702463943_1894421179_n 1501666_642417829130597_1445041082_n 1535464_642418005797246_2070440714_n 1536676_642418022463911_1876262082_n


Inspired by French street fashion and culture the SS14 Joyrich collection is a mixture of high-end, rich, and classic Parisian styles. The collection features original, bold, pop-inspired prints infused with classic American 80’s & 90’s silhouettes, which Joyrich fans have grown to appreciate season after season.

1545620_642417725797274_683994634_n 1549310_642417795797267_811713911_n 1551684_642417665797280_462915064_n 1554527_642417642463949_1207504987_n 1560411_642417839130596_1543085433_n 1560481_642417632463950_1509451826_n




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