tumblr_mysrgszmAj1qa4iv8o3_500 tumblr_mysrgszmAj1qa4iv8o4_500 tumblr_mysrgszmAj1qa4iv8o5_500 tumblr_mysrgszmAj1qa4iv8o6_500 tumblr_mysrgszmAj1qa4iv8o7_500


Be prepared to add a new Tumblr blog to your favorites list! The brilliant minds at WHEREISEEFASHION pair high fashion images matched with related images, everything from landscapes and contemporary art to different shapes and colors. More after the the jump:

tumblr_mysrgszmAj1qa4iv8o2_500 tumblr_mysrgszmAj1qa4iv8o1_500 tumblr_mwbimw87LT1su96nuo1_1280 tumblr_mtqzugu76b1su96nuo1_1280 tumblr_mp4danyKdY1su96nuo1_1280 tumblr_moug7g2WFN1su96nuo1_1280


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